Observatory Plugins

Exploration Tools


BioInsights is a plugin that will attempt to predict what the biological signals on a planet are using their FSS scan data. It can help determine whether a planet might be worth visiting and landing on, or whether you're better of spending your time somewhere else


Evaluator predicts the (maximum) value for bodies in a system, and can highlight which ones are worth your time to map to maximise profit


SignalMonitor will send a notification when it detects Unregistered Communications signals, Listening Posts, or Notable Stellar Phenomenon in a system



All plugins require the latest version of Observatory Core. They also depend on .NET 5.0, but this is also required by Observatory anyway.




The latest releases of all available plugins are available to download here


Plugin Version Last Updated  
BioInsights 23-Jun-2022 Download
BioInsights Codex Companion 23-Jun-2022 Download
Evaluator 27-May-2022 Download
SignalMonitor 0.21.355.1514 21-Dec-2021 Download
BoxelStats 21-May-2022 Download
Telegram 25-Feb-2022 Download
BodyCount 21-May-2022 Download
Colliders 27-May-2022 Download
AutoUpdater 23-Jun-2022 Download